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25 years ago, the founders of Macan started tinkering with gloves when they found a new (cost-effective) production method to make them waterproof. These gloves were a success. Soon afterwards, Macna launched its first motorcycle jacket. Not comparable to today's Macna jackets, but even then they had an excellent price/quality ratio. This is still visible in the contemporary approach. Here is a selection of all Macna innovations: Sandwich System, Vision vest, Summer Comfort System, Twin Shell and Night Eye.

Macna design

Rumors have it that Macna designers work from their bikes, which is technically not far from the truth. Functionality, usability and safety have always been the brand's primary concerns. This is the philosophy behind the brand's slogan: "That's what we call riding gear!". Based on this philosophy, Macna produces several lines of motorcycle jackets, trousers, suits, gloves, rainwear and accessories.